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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Team lunch

Although some other folks might differ, today my team of colleagues went out to the Crab Pot restaurant for a good lunch.

This restaurant has this "thingy" where you can order a bunch of shellfish and crab and they'll be dumped onto your table with some paprika powder, some liquid butter, and some tools for you to start digging it.

Team Lunch @ Crab Pot

Though we were a group of four, we just ordered for three, and Kim, the sole female in the group, had some salad. She joined in to the seafood as well.

Team Lunch @ Crab Pot

Andrew & Kim

It was a good team-building exercise and it didn't require too much coordination to do it. I no longer like those morale events or celebrations that take up the organizers' time and focus to handle. Those are just some folks enjoying at the expense of others' suffering. This is so much better. A quick question whether we want to go for lunch together, a quick check on our schedules, and off we went!

Imagine how life can be made much simpler and better if all things are like this!

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