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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
People hear what they want to hear

Having had the chance to do my first Black Friday in USA, it was quite an experience for myself and Sharon. Waking up early in the morning and rushing around the city's malls and shops to look at deals and looking at people looking at deals was memorable.

We didn't do the typical queuing-up the night before thingy though. We just woke up pretty early and started at Best Buy. I wonder who's design it was to have the night before Black Friday being one of the coldest night for a long while. It was practically the first night that we had ice on our car's windshield since Spring.

We went to the main shopping mall after that, and we split up to look at different stores. The first store i went was the local video game store and they were having some sales, of which one was a buy-one-USED-game-get-one-free-USED-game offer. I capitalized the USED because that's the main point of this post...

As i was browsing in the store, i heard some discussions (more like quarrels actually) between the store's employees and some potential customers. Though there were tons of signage about the abovementioned offer, it appeared that these "customers' chose to just interpret it as buy-one-game-get-one-free-game on new shrinkwrapped games. There was a particular customer that was exceptionally funny because even though he claimed to understand what the employees said, he then turned around and told his friends that it's for all games!

Another funny example was that a less-than-10-year-old kid kept pointing to the signage to his parents. The kid totally understood the conditions of the offer, but yet again, the parents were saying.. "why didn't you get the new DS games? why get used games?". The kid must have been from another set of genes!


When i went to another store, i heard the same kind of discussions as well. Indeed, it appeared that people just want to hear what they want to hear. Not the truth. They also probably didn't want to tell others the truth too, but the truth as seen from their eyes.


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At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Sharon

Selective listening skills is an art.