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Monday, October 22, 2007
You ask for ... but you get ...

You ask for a game with a King sitting in his throne in a large hall, displayed with a full spectrum of colors, and you expect this:

King and His Throne v1

But you get this

King and His Throne v2


You ask for the game to have full 3D graphics and a muscular hero exploring the large unique castle architecture, and you expect this:

Exploring the castle v1

But you get this

Exploring the castle v2

Ouch 1 more time!

You ask for the game to have an end boss with a large dragon to fight against, and you expect this:

FIghing a dragon v1

But you get this

FIghint a dragon v2


All i can say is, i want an ending that shows how great the game is, and how much your efforts in playing the game is appreciated. Probably a multi-minute ending with a mesmerizing theme song, but you get this:


Appropriate indeed!

Sometimes, you wish it was vaporware just like this bunch.

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