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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
OOF and gaming w/o the one that everyone is playing...

Been clearing some of my (unlimited) vacation days  (and some days off awarded) the last few weeks and due to a temporary travel restriction, i decided to stay at home throughout the vacation days to do nothing but play games!

It started with completing Wii's Super Paper Mario. I love this game. It is just so hilarious and innovate. Who cares about HDMI-blah-blah graphics when the game is this interesting to play.

Metroid Prime 3 (on Wii as well) came just at the right time, and took over the gaming hours. It's a great adventure, though it's not this game!

A Zelda Four Swords adventure on the Gamecube was another game that i started. Interesting concept, and simple gameplay.

In between the marathon sessions, i've been doing some handheld goodness on multiple platforms, ranging from PSP's Gitaroo Man Lives (which i practically completed in a single 3 hour session), and a few new DS games as a result of a buy 2 get 1 free promotion at Toys R Us.

Drawn To Life is a simple platformer where you get to draw your hero (and some other components within the game). Glory Days 2 is an amazing game that came out of nowhere. Boy was this game fun. Reminds me of the game Choplifter (can't remember which classic system i played it on though). Another game that i bought as part of that promo was Sonic Rush Adventure. Good old Sonic platforming, though i hate the new character that somehow talked exactly like the late Steve Irwin.

As mentioned in the last post, i'm doing the Zelda Phantom Hourglass right now. Loving every single minute of it. It helps me to pass through the never-ending you-know-what....

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