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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Fire burnt down my local wet market...

Was browsing the usual Singapore-based forums and blog aggregators when i got the shock of my life!

Saw a few threads and blog posts that mentioned that the wet market/hawker center that was just a 3 minutes walk from my parents' house was totally burnt down.

A lot of practically real-time photos were uploaded by folks that are staying near to my neighbourhood.

These photos said a lot more than the official news that was published by the mass media.

There are a number of stalls in the wet market that have really excellent food. Hopefully, no one was injured, and the authorities will come in quickly to assist the stallholders with a way to sustain their livelihood, and to provide the neighborhood with a temporary wet market for them to do their grocery purchases.

Immediately made a SMS to my niece to check on my parents. I was particularly worried about my mother as she has long-term asthma  and the photos of the fumes and smoke do worry me a lot! Luckily, they were fine.

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At 2:18 AM, Blogger Kell Ch@n

Eddy live near the wet market too...

Pity the newly refurbished market is gone.