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Saturday, August 11, 2007
Some funny events in our new premise

A few interesting events occurred in the last few weeks.

First, we didn't have any curtain and blinds for about a month. You can almost imagine us living in a fish bowl or a hamster cage *grin*). The landlord eventually arranged for them to be put up, on the same day my DSL service was fixed.

The in-house dryer is running on natural gas, and somehow, either its filter or the dryer itself is having some problem, and we are having natural gas filling up the bathroom as the dryer is doing its work. Sharon found a lot of cotton remnants in the exhaust pipe, and bought something to clean them out somewhat, but it's still happening whenever we do multiple runs of drying. There's no facilities here to do clothes hanging 8).

We do have hot water straight off a water tap, since the whole house is using a hot water heating system. That cuts down the costs of the heating, and provide faster access to hot water. However, we're getting hot water with a very strong rubbery taste/smell. It's really nasty to say the least. We cannot even use it for drinking for now, and have to boil our own hot water.

Just when we thought we have no more issues we found that the door to our bathroom cannot be locked securely!

So a e-mail was sent to the landlord, and he quickly fixed the door. He knew about the dryer issue and will be coming to take a look.

By the way, we still like this place very much. Sharon's colleagues loved this place too!

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