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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Why We Like To Live In USA
5 things we like about living here

1. I enjoy the quality of life in USA. How often you do hear your friends in Singapore complain that they have no time to sleep, cook and clean the house. I have time to sleep (at least 6 hours), watch old time black and white movies like Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Dick Van Dyke, Charlie Chaplin, Doris Day etc, go shopping and sight seeing during the weekend.

2. Jon and I understand each other better and we learn to depend on each other more. (However, Jon claims that he does not understand me at all. Hmmm...who's lying???)

3. We receive recognition on our work. How often do you receive recognition or compliments from your boss, your boss's bosses, your co-workers and your customers in Singapore. The recognition/compliments we received may not be monetary but it still look good in your personal file or resume. Hopefully, we will have pay increase in the near future and yes we have dropped lots of hints to our bosses.

4. Jon gets to buy Nintendo DS, Gameboy, PSP, Wii and Gamecube games at a very low price as he knows alot of good online deals. Well, I am dumb, I don't like and don't know how to play these games, no matter how many times Jon has taught me.

5. In ang moh land, it is easy to find plus size clothes for men and women. This is pure joy for both of us and we love shopping in USA! We bought alot of clothes and shoes at a much lower price than Singapore.
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At 4:08 AM, Blogger Dawn

Hi Sharon,
My husband and I are from Singapore and am thinking of relocating from Hawaii to Seattle after i am done with my one-year work stint here. What do you think of seattle so far? We are still deciding so anything you can tell us (good or bad) will be helpful! Thanks so much!!!!
- Dawn