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Monday, June 25, 2007
I volunteer to train the newbies in my team because

  • we work for the same company and same team
  • if they do not look good, I fail as a team member as well
  • as a team member, it is also my responsibility to ensure that our new members are successful in their jobs
  • i hate seeing newbies being left in the lurch with no help and guidance. i have been there and i hate the feeling
Not everyone agrees with my theory. Why do some of my co-workers agree to train newbies?

1. they are forced to do so
2. if not, no one will help them to lighten their workload
3. you will be the only person who knows how to use the tools, understand the policies etc and your customers will look for you only to assist them in their queries
4. it will look good on your resume
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