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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Mistakes Are Costly.
Our team manages retailers' purchase orders. We have to follow customers' order instruction in order fulfillment i.e. ship schedule, where to ship and quantities etc. One of my co-workers released all orders for the entire team by mistake. This is a costly mistake as she did not know the shipping conditions of these orders and it could cause chaos for our warehouse and distribution teams in preparing the goods for our customers. We had to recall most orders sent to our warehouse and distribution teams. Imagine the nightmare!

It is natural for us to blame to careless co-worker for creating unnecessary work and stress on a late Friday afternoon but one of my co-workers felt that it was a malicious act.

I don't believe it was a malicious act as I know the co-worker well. I really believe it was a mistake for not checking her work before releasing the orders.

I am not sure whether she admit her mistake as I let my boss handle the situation.
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