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Monday, June 11, 2007
Another Dilbert scenario?

Imagine that you're buying presents for your friends, and you want them to be professionally gift-wrapped. After you've selected the items you wanted to give, you bring the items to the gift-wrapping corner. That was the background of the scenario that i'm going to talk about.

After i've purchased the items, and selected the gift wraps, i asked for directions to the gift wrapping corner. Before i even reach the actual corner, i noticed that there are a few posters pasted above one particular guy (assumed he's called Shiny). Interestingly, the posters all proclaimed the high quality of his work. On the other hand, the other folks in the same area do not have any posters... hmm? I wondered why that was the case.

As i reached the corner, i noticed a long queue in front of Shiny. I wondered ... "is he really that good?"

As i observed closer, most of the folks queuing up actually have their already gift-wrapped items on them, and some of them were murmuring about the poor quality of the wrapping.

One even mentioned: "i know what the gift wrapping is supposed to be, but what the heck is this ??!"

Were there any problems here? It looked like it was. Most of the folks that queued up were asking for something to be fixed. The ones that do not have any items yet were just queuing up for their eventual turn to receive a wrapped package.

The first few questions that came to me were:

1) If Shiny was that bad, why did he "encourage" customers to queue up for his work?

2) If his work was really that bad, why did he get posters proclaiming the quality of his work, as compared to his colleagues?

3) Why didn't the management of the mall allow the customers to use another gift-wrapper when practically everyone was stuck waiting for Shiny to redo his work?

Hmm...... perhaps it was another life situation that imitated Dilbert?

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