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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Back's back! If you got back problems, you should read this

When I was recently back in Singapore for my buddy's wedding, my back problem got a lot worse on the second day in Singapore, when i suddenly found my upper body literally in a S figure. My two nieces were totally shocked when they met up with me in Bugis Junction. Even though we went quickly to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, and even though i could sit down, they were still worried with my totally pale face!

The next day, i followed my mum to see this sin-seh. He's based in Chai Chee and uses homebrewed medicated ailment. When he first saw me, he was shaking his head in wonder as to why my body was in such a bad shape (pun intended).

Throughout the last few years here in USA, i've been having this problem regularly. All "signs" and signals point to a bone-related problem, probably spinal issues, but after putting on the first ailment, which he said was the cooling ailment, showed him where the problem areas are, he said that the root case is due to "wind", or "".

His diagnosis was that i have three pockets of wind in my back, and the most problematic one was the one that was on my left upper back, instead of the left lower back where all the pain are coming from!

Then, he used the hot oilment and started rubbing it onto my back. The chair that i was seated on was specially made to generate better flows of "wind" throughout the body. Don't know how that works, but it worked.

The next following days, i went back to visit him and get further treatment. Typically, one wouldnt have to go for such frequent treatments, but i was in a really bad condition, and i have only about 9 days before coming back to the USA, so a different schedule was made for me.

Thankfully, his treatments worked, and allowed me to be the designated "brothers" of the groom, my buddy, and endured through the solemnization/lunch and later in the really crazy pub outing.

A day later, the back pain came back! OMG! It was really bad again, and off i went to see the sin-seh again. His first comments were.. "you must have eaten something wrong...", and gotten me to list the food i ate. Indeed, he found one item, Mutton, to be the offending food. After a SEVERELY heaty treatment, the back's back to normal (quite amazing actually), and i was able to handle the last few days without further issues.

Obviously, now i have to be aware of the food i'm taking. In the last session, Sharon accompanied me and wrote down a list of food that i cannot eat for at least 3 months, if not longer, if i want the pain to be gone!

Items include:

- beef (arrggh!)

- chilli/hot stuff (arrggh!!)

- beans (not so much, but i like the combo of beef+chillis+beans, NO WONDER i got back pain here!)

- cold water/soft drinks (OMMMGG!)

I was told not to do my weightlifting exercises too, so i have to stop trying to be Arnold hehe. So i have to start doing lots of cardio, and limit myself to body-weight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and dips 8(.

As Moodyone commented recently when i told her about this, i basically have to stop doing/eating the things i like. AAARRRGGH!!


Time for me to shout for the Ouendan team!! I need HELP!

Obviously coming back was a challenge, but thankfully, the back was able to sustain the stress of the 20+ hour trip back and it has been quite painless for about a month now. No wonder the sin-seh wanted me to come back here and tell any of my colleagues to think of going to Singapore and get his treatments (with only a thumb and a finger!) instead of the chiropractic treatments, and the eventual operation to fix a bad back. He was even willing to give a discount too! Hehe.

One other thing that the sin-seh recommended was a mixture of three chinese herbs. Cant figure out how to type them out, so i'll find a way to take a photo of the prescription and share it here. It's basically a herb that improves circulation, one that reduces pain, and the other one is to strengthen the bones or something.

That's the good "doctor" story.

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