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Saturday, May 12, 2007
Back To Work
After a long vacation, I have an uneasy feeling going back to work. I know that things will not go well during my vacation.

As I manage the order process for North America (including Canada) game retail accounts, I was surprised to find our warehouse was not informed to deliver the goods to the customers.

After re-reading the emails, checking with my co-workers and chatting with my customers, I realized that work has not been processed correctly/smoothly in my absence, and thus missing SLA.

I was really frustrated that such things could happen. Well, it is murphy's law, anything can happen. My co-workers from another departments kindly reminded me not to take long vacation. Geez, I was out of office for 11 business days, not one month!

Oh well, I spent four hours clearing up the mess and finally left office at 6pm. By the way, my work day starts at 7am.
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