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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
killer hot chocolates

Randy brought us two different versions of chocolates from Germany that are packed with hot chilli in them.

Chocolates from Germany

The one with the red packaging, and the word, Chilli, is the one that i prefer. You'll get a taste of the really good chocolate, and as it melts in your mouth.... comes the killer punch of some hot chilli! Definitely not too hot for me, but some of my colleagues that dared to try it left with their faces red!

The one in the green packaging, the Jalapeno chilli, was a disappointment. Perhaps i was too used to the red version, as i was left dangling awaiting for the killer punch that never arrive.

Both are definitely better than the other that Sharon and I tried when we last met Randy and Carol. That version tasted like a mixture of a variety of curry powder in chocolate, and with large hints of other indian spices in them. Surprisingly that didn't contain any spices nor curry.

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