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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Interesting Things That Happened At Work
Training My Backup

In all jobs, you need to have a backup, so that when you fall sick or go on vacation, someone else can cover your work.

I have been training my backup but I have no acknowledge of knowing whether she understand or does not understand what I have shown her. My team lead told me that I have given her too much information which was unnecessary for her. My explanation was background information is always good so that you can understand the work better. As an adult, you develop critical thinking skills, you differentiate between what is necessary and unnecessary information. What is necessary information for you becomes unnecessary for another person. However, I would rather give the receiver the choice to make the decision - which set of information is necessary and which set is not.

I wrote an account profile of each customer I have been managing i.e. what needs to be done when fulfilling their purchase orders. I document what I know so that I do not rely on memory to do work. The account profiles help anyone to have an easy transition to manage these customers easily.

My backup does not like to read the account profiles because she is a hands-on person. In her words "I don't understand, what you have written". I felt that it was a slap on my face, but I let it be. Again, it is up to each individual on how to perceive information.

Newcomer In The Team

The newcomer has been assigned to several trainers. In Jon's company, as a newcomer, you will either sink or swim. I have been a newcomer and I have struggled in my job. I don't want to see this newcomer to feel depressed and I really want her to succeed in her job. I try to help her as much as possible so that her transition in this role will be easy. I may not be one of the assigned trainers but there is one part of my work which is linked to her work.

For the past few days, I have been helping her to understand the tools and our products better. I have shared this with one of my co-workers on how to help her further. She is adamant to tell her boss on this. I told her NO. I want to give the newcomer time to allow her to grow in this job. I hope I make the right decision.
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