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Sunday, March 25, 2007
A set of McDulls from HK to SG via Seattle!

Sharon's friend, Barbara, was in Hong Kong for a holiday and we've requested her to purchase some McDull dolls for the twins/Terry.

CIMG0030 CIMG0032

They are pretty cute, just like in their movies, and are surprisingly very pricey too. Since these are the authentic copyrighted ones, i think it's ok.

We'll be going back to Singapore in end of April for a short trip. I'm to attend my buddy's wedding and be a doorcrasher (literally) to help him snatch the bride.

Will be bringing these two dolls back for the babies.

From left to right: (Tony, Terry, Tracy)

By the way, the babies have grown to be really adorable and fun to be with. Looking forward to spending some time with them as well.

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