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Thursday, February 08, 2007
These are great customer service examples!

Example one:

The guys at Les Schwab are really the top tier in their focus in customer service. Just listen to their welcoming message on their website 8). We recently did a tire check at the Redmond branch, and that was during the winter chill, at about 7pm.

The guys were still running around like crazy, and doing really amazingly quick turnarounds of cars back to their owners.

There was a lady that was waiting, and when the serviceperson came in to inform her that her punctured tire was fixed, and at NO COST to the lady, i can immediately see her appreciation of the level of service given. She actually wanted to pay for the service, and the guy just said.. "think of us if you need to change your tires, and that'll be good enough!". Amazing.

Example two:

I bought two gameboy advance systems for Sharon's two nephews, and was preparing them with the best games and accessories when i found that one of them had a stuck pixel. Went to the Nintendo Customer Service center and was expecting to get it repaired, but the very cheerful folks at the repair center just looked at it, commented "Aha! Dead Pixel?", and went into the back of the room and got me a totally new system. Tested it on the spot and off i went, in about 5 minutes.

Example three:

I recently found that my DS Lite got one of the much-reported hinge crack. Bummer! Again.. went to the repair center, and got it exchanged for a new system again! What surpassed this was the fact that they renewed/extended the warranty of my initial purchase to yesterday when i got the new system! Wow!

The two experiences made me felt so happy. Just in time for two great games in Hotel Dusk: Room 215, a totally new adventure game that's fused with Noir atmosphere, and Final Fantasy VI, a remake of a long-time classic!

And so i went to Game Crazy, a retail store in Redmond, to try to grab these two games, and experienced another great example of great customer service.

Example four:

I went in during lunchtime, just as the staff were receiving their shipment of new games from UPS. As i was not able to find the two games, i asked the staff about it. He mentioned that there might be one each that was not pre-ordered already, and that he'll try to get them for me.

He had to open four huge carton boxes, digged down into them, as yet another variant of Murphy's Laws dictates that the ones that you want is always at the last container. Yupe..he finally found them!

Considering the fact that he mentioned he cannot keep the Hotel Dusk game in stock at all (they were flying off the shelves), and FF6 is one of the most demanded game on the GBA system, i can considered myself very lucky!

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