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Monday, February 26, 2007
3 Months In My New Team
3 months into my new team, I have learned alot from my co-workers and customers. My co-workers are pretty helpful and patient people. No complains. As I handle order management for US and Canadian PC and Xbox accounts, there are customers who are demanding and some who are not.

However, my greatest difficulty is not handling my external customers but my internal customers (not my direct co-workers). My indirect co-workers are a pain. They are slow in responding to my emails because my queries are not important/they have other priorities/they do not know the answer.

I totally understand if they are busy but please let me know that you will be looking at the queries or have forwarded the email to another person/group to assist my queries.

I am accountable to my customers who in turn contribute to your (indirect co-workers) salaries. If they do not buy the products, why would the company employ you. Yes, it is a vicious circle and the issue will be escalated if it is not managed well.

What I like most about my job? I start work at 7am and leave at 3.30pm.
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