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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Discovering Wow!

No.. i'm not talking about the World of Warcraft. That is something that's so scary that i do not even want to install it, even when i helped my friend to purchase the game at the initial release!

I'm quite a old school geek, and i tweak the heck out of all my systems to have absolute zero eye candy and no unnecessary apps/services to save that additional megabyte of memory, even in this age of terabytes of disk space and gigs of RAM.

When i first installed the new OS, i was rushing towards doing the same-old same-old tweaking, and then i stopped. I told myself, "why not just try out this new UI altogether and see how it goes!", and that's what i did.

The Wow remark is coming from the quick progression from the initial dislike of the eye candy to a clear understanding as to why things are designed the way they are in the new OS, and after a while.. it just seems so clear.

Sounds like marketing speak, but i'm sold!

To get more acquainted with the insides of the OS, i ordered myself a bunch of books to do some detailed walkthroughs.

The Administrator's Pocket Consultant series have always been a great set of books, and the one for the new OS is no different. Short and sweet indeed!

The other book, which will tell me about its inside and outs, is still on its way in, probably released in a few days time. Among the group of authors is Ed Bott, and his books have been great references too.

There will probably be a resource kit in the near future too. Looking forward to having the cake and eating it. Full of eye candy with maximum performance. 8)

Of course, all these wouldnt happen if it wasn't for Andrew that ordered this cool machine for me.

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