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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Annoyance in Sing

After a long stay in Singapore, and upon visiting this great post, i'd like to say that i totally agree with the points and examples raised in the post.

However, i'll do some rearrangement of the order of annoyance to me:

1. MP3 Phones...

I took the bus 166 from City Hall MRT to my Singapore office and on a daily basis, i have free chinese music blasting away from some ah-beng's mp3 phones. That's on top of the already loud TV that's on the buses.

The three-hit combo is when these ah-bengs started to treat the bus as their own K-box lounge. Singing loudly along to the F4 crappy songs just totally TKO everyone!

2. Basement @ Wisma

What's with that? Give up already i'd say. I cannot even recall when was the last time i actually bought somethign within Wisma!

3. Hands-free doesn't mean you can "wave your hands in the air!"

Saw this auntie along Orchard Road.. she was waving her hands like the agents in Elite Beat Agents.

4. The automatic door closing in some taxis

So are we going to standardize on using the automatic closing feature or not? Some taxi drivers are so excited in using it, while some others just wait (and wait....) for you to close the door.

5. The Cash Back system

Having been in Redmond for almost 3 years now, the easy access of getting cash back from supermarkets and stores made me feel that i have to struggle to get my own money in Singapore.

The ATMs are constantly being backed up with folks waiting to "donate" their $$ to the retail industry, while one or two of the terminals are either blue-screened, or not working.

Tried doing a cash back in a 7-11, where a big sign was displayed about it. The cashier stared at me like i'm crazy or something.

Hello... wake up dude.

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