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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Raining cats and dogs on election day

Washington state is currently enduring record flooding and strong storms. Rain levels have been increasing like crazy.

There has been floods and road closures within the state, but at least it's not too much of an issue here where we stay/work.

Today was also a election day here. It's funny to see how much encouragement is needed to get people interested to vote. A big contrast to Singapore. By the way... he won his re-election. He's definitely baaacck!.

Some of the campaign ads shown on TV and radio have been really nasty. I sometimes wonder if this is the "dream state" of freedom and democracy that some folks would want. If the ads were shown in Singapore, it's pretty sure that every single ad would become a cause for a defamation suit from one to another!

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At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Voting is compulsory in Singapore after all. So, can anyone actually wonder why the turnout is large and that no encouragement is needed?