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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
My Work Life
No matter how much I tried to do well in any job, I am never successful. Misunderstanding or miscommunication always occur. I am so tired of it. Whenever such things happen, I will reflect on my actions. If it is my fault, admit, apologize and move on. If it is not my fault, I am just unlucky.

Whether I work in Singapore or USA, I have bosses and friends who believe in me and support my decisions. I am sure there are people who do not believe in me.

I have been asked to join another team as the present team does not require my help/assistance. I am sad to leave as I am beginning to learn the ropes. However, I respect the client decision. Jon mentioned that such things happen on a regular basis in his company. Vendors are hired/removed/transferred.

Come 27 Nov 2006, I will be joining a customer service team. I am neither excited nor sad just indifferent.
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