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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Some new gadgets in the household

Recently, i bought a Roomba from Woot!, which list some pretty cool deals, to help me reduce the demand of myself doing household work.

So when i saw one of the models listed, and compared to the price of newer model that i was asked to purchase on behalf of Yeow Meng, it was good enough for me to do an instant purchase decision.

Now that we've been using it for a few weeks, the carpet feels a lot cleaner, and Sharon's a lot happier too. So am I. 8)

With such a great service, i also bought a set of Creative speakers from Woot. The offer price was about 60% of the typical retail price and i grabbed it immediately too. This made the PC now a truely media center.

I reinjured my back (or it's more likely a pattern of the change in season from summer to fall triggering it). Sharon decided to get me a back massager and it has definitely helped to relax my back. Thanks Sharon!

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