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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Silver lining?

Over the horizon looks to be an opportunity to do what i would really like to do, in terms of furthering my career and developing my skills in the antimalware areas.

Recently, i've restarted my efforts to assist the PIRT group in fighting phishing sites by spending free time that i have to conduct investigation and analysis of possible phishing sites.

Some of the submissions aren't really phish sites' attempts in conning users, but rather malware-infested mails or mails with exploit code. Looking at the large and never-ending queue give me some kind of "eureka" moment, in that i can do both analysis since i also have contacts on the antimalware vendors.

This has become a kind of self-training too, as i get to have live practice on tools and other helpful sites to accelerate my investigations and the sharing of such information.

Hopefully, the time spent will help to reduce some level of malicious attacks against internet users, and help to build a base for me to further my career.

Now, isn't this great?

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