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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Age of Brain

Just recently, i got myself a DS Lite, and the first game that i started playing on this handheld is the Brain Age software/game.

Why this game? It's because it's one of the main reasons why the DS Lite is conquering the handheld market, and singlehandedly drove the gaming market up.

On a personal note, as i've been reading some articles about how this title is able to get non-gamers into it, and Sharon not being a gamer at all, would fit into that group.

She always wonder why i spend time playing games on my gameboy advance, so this title might start her into it.

The game requires the player to spend about 5-15 mins max every day on it. There is an increasing number of very simple games (think of them as exercises for your brain) that will help build up your thinking neurons.

Indeed, as after the training everyday, both of us do feel some tiredness with our brains.

There are some challenges to this game, though some are quite unexpected. Rumors have it that the voice recognition doesn't recognize some people's pronounciation of the word "Blue", and Sharon has been having problems with the software not recognizing some of her handwriting. She was so pissed off with it one day that she wanted to stop playing it.

Not sure where one can get their hands-on demo in Singapore, but it's probably on display booths in most of the electronic stores in the Seattle/Redmond area.

Pretty fun... once we get done with this, i'll get the Big Brain Academy, another software/game that helps build up the other areas of the brain. Massive Cranium!!!

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At 10:43 AM, Blogger sharon

Wrong. I was not only pissed off with Brain Age. I was at the verge of smashing Nintendo DS Light and Jon has to snatch it from me. HA HA... Very violent NON GAMER.