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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Our Short Trip to Richmond, BC
At last, I was able to enjoy a long weekend. Since Monday is Labour Day, I told Jon we should have an enjoyable weekend, we shall go to Vancouver, BC. He reluctantly agreed.

Saturday Morning, we woke up late. We were still undecisive whether to go or not. I was trying to accommodate him and he was trying to please me. So, after one hour of dilly dally, we set off.

It was a mistake. The drive to Bellingham took 1 hour and 30 mins. There was a long queue 2 miles before US/Canada Border. It took 3 hours to clear immigration and another 2 hours to reach Richmond, BC. We never made it to Vancourver, BC as we were both tired and frustrated with long trip. [We stayed in Richmond which is like a Singapore/Hong Kong area!] Jon blamed me for not specifying the areas I would like to visit i.e. shopping malls, restuarants and we spent time just driving around.

I am a free spirit person. When I am on vacation, I don't plan where to go and what to eat. I love sight seeing and people watching. I will only remember to bring cash, passport and cellphone. I do not bring a map as I do not understand how to read directions. Yes, I am that stupid.

Poor Jon, his lower back hurts and he has a migraine during the two hour wait at the immigration. Oh why did he allow his wife to torture him this way. Elementary! It is the POWER OF LOVE!
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