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Sunday, September 03, 2006
New template - A view near the top

Using the long weekend that Sharon has just mentioned, i've changed the template of the blog to this current one. It's again taken off Pannasmontata's collection of blog themes and i've tweaked it a bit to change the header graphic to a photo that i've taken myself, and added a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

The header graphic was taken in a hike to the Cascade Pass. Almost killed the muscles around my right ankle since i'm so huge and musclebound that walking in that neverending loops upwards was a bore and a tiring thing.

Using my Casio Exilim, i obviously couldnt take this photo in a single shot. I used the automatic image stitching feature of the company's Digital Image Suite to stitch about 10 photos into a single landscape wide photo.

Though a colleague mentioned that the dark area around the skies was too bad, i actually liked it that way. It looks to me to provide a sense of texture to the blue skies. It was just such a coincedence that the stitched image fitted into this template.

Looks like the youtube video windows are slightly bigger than the template allows for, and i'll either modify one or the other soon.

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