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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
A gathering of sorts and a celebration
On Monday, Moodyone invited Jas, Sharon and I to her house to have dinner, as a celebration of a rare day off for herself, and Sharon's first day working for the dark side.

We had a big fresh tasty salmon, some vegetables that i didnt touch at all, and some chicken. All in all not a bad meal.

As we were having dinner, we sat around the coffee table and watched one of those TV reality shows, Wife Swap or something. It was a really funny episode, where one couple that looked and behaved like Roseanne (and her TV hubby) on her show, and another couple where the wife wore the pants, the skirts and everything else, while the husband was a househusband and a dreamer of stardom at about 30+ years old.

Then came the usual friction when the swap started, with the new couples finding it hard to get along with one another haha.

The ending was quite sweet though, where the MCP husband started to appreciate his hardworking wife, and cherishing his moments with the children, while i cant remember what happened to the other couple.

Jas passed on some tips to Sharon on how to work in the company. Since she's the oldest, in terms of age and seniority, perhaps she got some tricks up her sleeve!
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At 8:00 PM, Blogger sharon

yes, just relax, tune out when necessary and behave. give them quality 8-hour of quality work.