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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
At least something nice out there...
A friend of mine in Japan has kindly sent me two lovely items in a package recently.

The items were a newly issued first-day cover-like stamp collection, and a japanese card game.

Both items represent the old and the new at the same time, in terms of the physical products, as well as the technology in bringing the items to my desk.

The stamp collection came in a very nice hardcover presentation, as typical Japanese packaging standards go.

Mario, is shown in his most famous pose on the cover
Mario First Day Cover

Opening up the cover shows a list of games that Mario has ever appeared in, in Japanese, so i only roughly know what the list are.
Mario First Day Cover

Here's a zoom-in into the actual stamps, which consists of the well known game characters within his franchise.
Mario First Day Cover

I first read about this stamp collection on Joystiq, and asked my friend about it. He was kind enough to help me order it within Japan, as firstly, the order form is strictly in Japanese, and secondly, that it was only to be delivered within mainland Japan.

The second item, which i accidentally tried out on a emulator, was the hanafuda card game. I do not really understand the full set of rules, but i was able to play to the intermediate levels in the game. Since i was already getting my friend to get me something, i might as well ask for another item as well right? 8) So indeed i asked him to locate for me the hanafuda deck. If you click on the link above, you'll get a rather detailed history of the game on Wikipedia.

Hanafuda Deck
The cards come in very nice and exquisite packaging (no surprises there!), but the size of the cards is a surprise. I didnt realise that the cards would be that small. They're probably 2/3 the size of a credit card, give or take a millimeter or two.

Mario, as you might know, is a game character that was invented by Nintendo. Nintendo actually started out producing these card decks. Throughout the years, as they progressed to other businesses, they still dabble in the card making business.

So, to round up this post, this deck is also from Nintendo.
Hanafuda Deck

Both items signifying historical relevance, and entertainment value through the ages. Why do we need HDTV and multiple processors to entertain ourselves then? 8)

PS: Koji-san, thank you very much for helping me get these!! I hope to see you in Auckland, NZ, that is, if i get a chance to go this year!
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At 5:50 PM, Blogger serendipity

wow that's a really nice and unique collection!

my friend would have been really glad to have them, since they are also Mario and Nintendo fanatics!


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Jonathan

That's what i thought too when i first saw the annoucement of the stamp collection. It's been such a long while since i collected stamps!