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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Singapore-themed party
We had our pre-MVI party at Randy's house yet again in June. The theme of the party, as previously mentioned, was Singapore!

We made up some signs (and copied some others from the web) and pinned them up all around his house, to create the "Singapore is a FINE country" impression 8)!

The infamous No Durians sign

We also printed out some excerpts from Talkingcock's Singlish dictionary. Provided a great topic to explain to the worldwide attendees on our unique language haha..

Randy, being the cheeky person that he always is, made some hilarious montages of the Merlion too.

We bought quite a lot of food, to simulate as much as we can, Singaporean food.

Satay was an easy choice, to make and to buy, aliong with the rice-cakes ( i cant remember the malay name now to save my life!). Along with the Thai peanut sauce that we bought, it made for a pretty popular subsitute for satay.

Carol, Randy's wife, through some of her friends, bought some Singapore delicacies.. in the form of Merlion pineapple cookies. I guess these are only sold in Mustafa and the touristy areas like Sentosa. I myself for one have never ate one like this when i was in Singapore

Some beef rendang that i've made.. from beef cubes cut by myself, and some pretty authentic mix packs. This was popular too, surprisingly.

For the brave (and foolhardy) folks, we have some dried durian slices, along with some ice cream popsicles of various favours. The ice cream was the main thing that reminded me of walking along Orchard Road and getting one of the sticks from the roadside stalls.

We played continously Singaporean CDs, from the Talkingcock movie soundtrack, Corrinne May, the Observatory to Tanya Chua. The most popular song actually came off the Talkingcock soundtrack, the song Beautiful Day by the Boredphucks (now known as the Sun)
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At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Just wondering why you seem to miss sillypore stuff?

I'm planning REAL hard to get out from this CheeBye country.

I want a different lifestyle, I want to FORGET everything I had/own here. I don't even want to speak Singlish anymore.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Jonathan

It was just a theme for the party, and allowed a topic for discussion that's all. 8)