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Monday, July 17, 2006
Doing the Presidential Wave on Air Force One
We had the annual AV conference in Redmond again during my World Cup hiatus. This year's dinner was to be held in the Boeing Museum of Flight, a facinating place if you're interested in planes.

A older iteration of Air Force One was on public display, and so's one of the Concorde jet planes. I was doing a solo walkthrough of the Air Force One, and one of the volunteer tour guide suggested that i go up the stairs and do the wave. So here it is... myself on Air Force One doing the wave.. Probably too hard to see in the thumbnail though.

Here's the presidential conference room.. quite a spacious area.

Some of the other planes that were really cool includes..

The Lockheed SR-71A

This looks like a seriously bad idea.. A automobile-plane

A drone ontop of a plane. It is supposedly one of the last remaining samples of the drones around. Imagine during the Cold War, something like this could get dropped on the Soviets to spy on them.

The Concorde of course.. It was amazing to find how narrow the plane was. I had to walk sideways within the plane! The seats were really tiny too, and dont get me started on the dinner tray area.

This is supposedly a Flying Tiger.. i might have rememebered wrongly though.

The museum have a area that might have been the original Boeing assembly factory. It was housed in a red wooden building, and contains simulations of how the beginning days of aeroplane assembly was like.

They even have a recording of the background noise and sounds as these machines were doing their work. It's actually quite spooky if you walked into this area alone and you hear voices and machines grinding along...

It was a great conference, with a lot of changes to the programme and the after-conference events. Will do a write-up on the famous Randy's pre-conference party next. Remember.. it was a Singapore-themed party this year.
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