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Friday, June 16, 2006
I'm going on a blog vacation as i'm totally into the World Cup now. 8)

Once every four years, the last world cup was the last time i watched a full football game on TV in Singapore. A few months after that, i started to go for gym workouts and reservoir walks and began my journey (hehee) to build up myself.

It's quite an experience to be watching the World Cup in USA. From colleagues around me, most are either disinterested, or have an overoptimistic view that the american team is going to be in the semi-finals or final.

A comment from Andrew about how the players are diving and rolling on the floor upon being "bumped" by the opposing team. I totally agreed. However, i rather see this than men all armoured up in a game that doesnt use the feet to kick the ball for the majority of the game, which ironically, is called football here. *groan*

Also.. this is THE world cup. THE world championship. You get nations like Trinidad & Tobago, Ivory Coast, Ecuador to Czech, Serbia & Montenegro, Iran and Tunisa etc. Ahem... unlike some sports here whose championships are fought almost exclusively American teams and having the gall to call them World Championships.


Along with this renewed interest in the World Cup, i got myself the Pro Evolution Soccer game on PC. With some additional fan-made patches, i'm redoing my own World Cup, in as good an environment as i can on my PC.
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