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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Lovely day aint it?
Just as the world goes around citing the amazing coincedence of 6/6/6, i'm resting for the day here, since it's also my birthday.

Sharon and I have a system where each of us will go and get our own birthday presents. In this instance, i have an allocated budget to spend.. and so i went around some computer superstores and malls to look for presents for myself.

Visited Toys R Us, and actually bought three items, not for myself, but for the twins and Terry.

Big Bird
This will be for Tony, since he's the big brother

Elmo will be for Tracy, as she loves things with bright red colors.

Cookie Monster
Terry gets himself a Cookie Monster. Why? There's only three dolls in this range, and so Terry gets this... 8)

I decided to get these because the price was pretty reasonable.. about 8 dollars per doll, and the fabric and handwork looks a lot better than the usual toys these days. Well worth it.

Went to CompUSA, the nearest computer superstore, and got myself (as a present from Sharon) this:
Battlefield 1942 Complete Collection

It's a rather old game, but should be a good one, and at 19 dollars, well worth it too.

Now.. with the rest of my "budget", perhaps i should get a portable Xbox, a DS Lite, or maybe getting myself back into Football games with Winning Eleven 9, or getting my hands of MC Hotdog's Wake Up album (though i dont know if stormyash is able to find it in Singapore), perhaps Quake 4.


The reason it is a lovely day is that from the time that 6/6/6 is in Singapore, my system was having some lovely issues, and was still having some funny issues at the end of 6/6/6 in Washington. Lovely day aint it?
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