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Friday, May 26, 2006
YARO, or Yet Another ReOrg, Help is on the way
It's that time again, where we're doing reorgs yet again.

It appears that this reorg is quite favourable to me, and impacts my immediate team quite a lot.

FIrstly, we'll have a Program Manager for my space. Though it is not officially announced yet, i've already know who the person is, as i was one of the interviewers in his interviews. *More to be disclosed later... since some of my colleagues are reading this blog these days*

My current manager and i hope that this new person will help to remove both Andrew and I from the bullcrap that we've been seeing in meetings. He'll attend the meetings, and only pull us in for technical inputs.

So that's one of the things that i've been doing taken away. Cool.

Secondly, we now have a support team that will assist in helping us to answer all the product groups' queries, like, why this job take so long, why you must use so many scanners etc, or can i just send it the whole history of my group's work in as a single job and please complete it in 1/2 hour?.. that kind of questions.

That's the second thing taken out of our scope. Which is great too, since it's usually a list of FAQ anyway.

Thirdly (shiok man), we have an open headcount for a job that's similar to what Andrew and I are doing. That will help to reduce the workload on us, and might improve our "quality of life".

A more cynical way (actually voiced by one of our colleagues) is that our core duties are spread across to reduce the risk of one leaving.

Both ways are good to everybody actually.

This gives us, especially myself, a lot more time to do what i'm interested in, while allowing for better coverage to the system.

Another major outcome from this YARO is that we have a lot of open headcounts, some of them, like the AV headcount, is immediate, while the rest are for FY07. Definitely against Minimsft's push for a slimmer company.

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