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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
What goes on
Wow... I'd kill to be able to attend this rally in Hougang. What a great turnout.

Too bad that even though for the first time my ward has an election, i cant vote because the nearest voting point is Washington DC apparently. *sigh*.

Sharon and I watched another Akira Kurosawa DVD during the weekend. It's one of the few that i didn't get to watch during the personal Kurosawa filmfest that i did last year. As we were browsing through the local library, i saw it on the shelves, and grabbed it immediately. The show, The Bad Sleep Well, is a 2 and a half hour b/w movie on a harrowing account of one man's bizarre crusade to bring corrupt business fat cats to justice. The ending is, to me, a real reflection of what is going on in this project. At least i didnt get killed (yet) by the bad guys, like how Mifune did in the movie. I truly enjoyed the movie, especially with the context linked to my project.

Perhaps watching the DVD was a sign to me about things to come on Monday............

So we had our big meeting on Monday. As i left the conference room after that meeting, i think a huge part of me was left in that room. Further discussions on the project afterwards invoked only an uninterested response. I think i've done all i can with this system, and I dont think that i can feel as strong towards this system anymore.

Erik, the project manager, saw my facial expression and body language after the meeting, and started to joke that the cost of that decision is a reduction of the AV team. Funny how he realized it instantly, even though he wasn't in the meeting. I can also see that Andrew has started to feel somehat lost, as the permutations of Monday's meeting continue to flow downstream. Who knows... maybe by the time the number of the beast arrive, both Andrew and I might be elsewhere. Who knows? It could even be the total dismantling of the AV team.

There is so much potential for this system to really provide an even greater service to the customers. *sigh* Somehow or rather, it really looks like it's been impacted by too many chefs.

The saddest part of this is that Erik is going to be grilled by many groups on why we had even reached this stage in the first place. It's totally not his fault. I'm pretty sure that his manager wouldnt be able to handle this situation any better.

I seriously hope that the pro-customer efforts in our product groups are slowly realizing will get spread across the company. The sooner the better.

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At 11:44 AM, Blogger singaporegrrl

At least you qualify for overseas voting. I don't meet the "criteria".


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Jonathan

Qualified but not able to vote just makes it even worse!

I also really wonder how they define who's qualified and who's not.