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Monday, May 29, 2006
There she goes, there she goes again
Just like the La's song starts..., Moodyone moved yet again.

I was asked to assist her in moving again, and this time round, Jas joined in too.

It was almost like my gym workouts were just preparation for me to help her to move!

Between the first time she moved (out of our apartment), and now to her new apartment, she had added a few boxes (mabbe more?) of stuffs to carry, so i treated the move as my third workout of the week.

Apparently, i must have pulled a muscle on Saturday. Today i felt quite tight in the middle part of my back, so perhaps some longer stretching in Monday's workout would help. Even though it's a holiday today, the gym has a 15 hour day, and they called it a limited schedule!!

After all the stuffs were brought up to her apartment, we had a breather and some refreshments at Jamba Juice, while waiting for Sharon to knock off work and join us for Dim Sum, at a Redmond restaurant called Grand Peking.. The quality of the food is pretty good, and for the most part of our lunch, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves haha.

And dear Moodyone was so kind to give us a treat! 8) Don't mind doing it the third time *choy*, but must make sure to do some warm-ups first. 8)

Heard that it's also the perfect timing for our upcoming visitors from Singapore to be here to do a housewarming for her. Great.
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