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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
system upgrade
i expected hiccups/data lost/incorrect data updated in a system upgrade as i have been through one upgrade exercise in a singapore government agency. it was not a disaster as the staff were able to use the old system and check customers' data during the first month of the transition.

while i am tolerant on these mishaps, the bank customers are not. why should they? a bank is a custodian for the customers' money. the customers expect the system to be working at all times. if a system upgrade is carried out, there should be a 24 hour hotline available for staff to answer customers' queries.

next, if an organization is not ready to implement a new system, why insist on rolling out the system.

here's why:

the top fat and stupid management has promised the world that the system upgrade will be carried out on a certain date regardless whether the new system is ready or not

and who will be dealing with the customers' queries/complaint:

the staff (that's me and my co-workers)

can we complain?


is it our fault that the system upgrade cause all these problems?


i think alot of our customers have lost confidence with the bank i.e. how can this happen?

how would i know? i didn't authorize the system upgrade? i am just a salaried worker.
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