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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Stepping back and a hello there!
I talked to my boss about some of my thoughtst, and he understood my pains. His immediate advice was for me to step back from the project and the system.

The stepback helped a lot. I no longer feel anything towards whatever ridiculous behaviours or ideas that others think of. You just cannot believe what some of the crap they're spewing over here. Even my teammate, a relatively new hire, is totally amazed at the bull that the partners are trying to pull on us.

My boss is trying to get more help for me and my teammate, in trying to reduce the interaction between us and the partners. Just adding buffers doesnt mean the issue is gone, just that now someone else have to join in the fun too. Similar to the way that they pay through their nose to get hardware purchases to cover up software issues, this will not fix the root cause, regardless of what some might say.

I'm constantly having this battle within myself, to decide whether
- i should let insignificant fools trouble me and my goals so much that i'm willing to let it all go, or
- that my goals and my life is more important than this, and i need to stay on regardless of the circumstances, or

Seriously no idea which thought i'm thinking of.

There's no point in me being the odd one out that cares about quality when all the others are just concerned about their 3.5/4.0s.

I have some new colleagues in Dublin as part of the increased resources for my (Andrew's) system. The fact that they found this blog already shows me that they got what it takes 8). Welcome and hope you enjoy the stay.
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