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Monday, May 29, 2006
A slow and relaxing Memorial Day
Today, after a good night's sleep, we went out of our apartment with absolutely no idea where we want to go.

The weather was pretty good, just a slight drizzle, and it looked like the sun was winning the battle with the rain.

We drove to a nearby park, and walked around for a while. It's quite amazing that this park is so calm and relaxing when it's just right next to the shopping mall, which is constantly busy with shoppers.

Bellevue Park

There were only a handful of folks in the park, with a few walking laps with their pet dogs.
Bellevue Park

Near the top of the park, there stand a series of the American flags in full flight
American Flags Flying

Sharon went down to the playground area, and got herself onto a swing. She even chatted with the children around her as she did her own swinging.

After a while here, we went down to Renton, and i took a detour (perhaps my mind was aiming to go there) to Fry's. It's like a Sim Lim Square where all the shops belong to the same company. Actually, most of the shops in Sim Lim Square DO belong to only a handful of owners. Anyway, Fry's like a big IT mall with lots of cheap stuffs, though most are junk actually. You have to spend a while to get the rare jewels out of the haystack.

I had two items that i was planning to buy, but both were not available in the store. Oh well.. back to Newegg then.

We drove around Renton for a longer while, and went to a local restaurant for our lunch, a rather late lunch.
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