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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Maple Story
Have anyone heard of the Singapore version of the Korean online game Maple Story?

Looks like a very cute and adorable online game to me.

Are you aware of this game? Heard about it? Saw it? Best of all.. played it?

Comments please!!
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At 4:33 AM, Blogger dazhuzhu

o c'mon....the game has been in singapore for so long...u are so outdated...i can only say tat its quite fun but hard to lvl...but now they provide double exp but haf to use cash...quite borin aat high lvl...one more thing...there is hack to use too...keke...if u wanna play go try it out at www.maplesea.com...its free n in english version...keke...haf fun...


At 11:47 AM, Blogger Jonathan

Aiyoh.. i so long not in singapore already.. totally out of sync with online games there

Thanks for the comment!!