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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Launch Party
Today, Andrew and I went to attend the launch party for the beta 2 release of the main product of the company.

When we reached the party venue, there was a pretty big crowd.

There was a band that was playing pretty good music, ranging from The Beatles, The Doors, Dire Straits... the kind of music that will not offend anyone, and have a high chance of everyone loving it.

The first thing that we did was to grab some beer, and queued up for food. The food displayed was pretty good,... lots of burgers, bbq chicken, hot dogs, etc. We aimed for the burger, but by the time we reached the table, it ran out! Oh well.. bbq chicken for me.

He came in and did a speech for about 10 mins, and the party then took on its own life.

I had a few cups of beer, and Andrew mentioned that it was my first drops of alcohol since Virus Bulletin in 2005 in Dublin. Indeed it was. Not sure what beer it was though, but it was good!

Funniest thing is: i tend to get my face really red at the first sip of alcohol, even though i can say i do hold my liquor well. Came back from the party, and checked my mails, and saw that i had a suddenly arranged meeting with my manager. With my face totally red, and my eyes with lots of red lines going everywhere.

Amazingly, i managed to go through that meeting well enough.

Perhaps i should start my drinking habit again. *NOT*

Now all i need to do is to get my hands on the actual beta to play with.

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