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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Here's the Little Prince, and his elder brother and sister!
Here's some photos of the Little Prince, Terry!!

On the very first day, probably one of the first photos of Terry.

Terry getting all wrapped up to go back to his home for the very first time.

Baby Terry
Just look at his sharp focused eyes! This was taken probaby about a few days after his birthday.

Tony didn't laugh quite often in the earlier days, but nowadays, he's laughing all the time, and a glimpse into his teeth!

Tony's betting looking quite hip-hop these days.

Tracy's always the sweet little princess 8).

I could just look at her pictures for hours and feels totally relaxed and calm as a result.

And after listing these photos, it seems to me that Terry's eyes are quite similar to Tony's and his nose's more like Tracy's.
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At 8:05 AM, Blogger singaporegrrl

awww! so cute!