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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Are you doing something?
Just heard about yet another major disaster in Indonesia.

Sharon and I will be donating to Doctors Without Borders again, and hope to get the company to match the donations. We'll be doing the donation on behalf of the three Ts, Tony, Tracy and now Terry.

It will be great if the company does show its efforts towards this disaster in a quicker manner.

Ed Bott, a well known author of books on Windows and Office, is also doing a dollar for dollar matching AND a free autographed copy of one of his books. I wonder if i can create a donation that goes on and on (at least three stages)?
  1. Donate to the actual charity.

  2. Get matched donations from the company

  3. Get matched donations from Ed, if he allows for dual matching

  4. Get the free book, and donate it back to another charitable organization

If the last donation can be matched yet again, that will be amazing. Even if it is not, the dollars got multipled a lot more than usual

Wonder whether the Memorial Day holiday is creating this impression to me that the blogsphere is not aware of this disaster. I hope not.

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