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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Okay.. i gotta post more
Got some mails and IMs that i've not been blogging as often as usual.

Cant deny that. Sorry!!

Too much "bandwidth" sucked away doing other stuffs, such as:

- beta testing on a variety of Live software, such as Live Messenger, Live OneCare, Live.com, Live Toolbar, oh... you'll notice i'm on a lot of Live. But almost no more life out of it 8)
- on a volunteer group that's helping to stop and shutdown phishing sites. I'm doing whatever that i can with this, as i'm still a newbie in this space
- testing on my two-year old project for my business system
- playing tons of games on my gameboy advance that Sharon bought for me
- exploring further with Ruby and Rails, which is always great fun
- listening to good old time radio programmes, and this accompanying programming is a great delight
- gathering children audio stories on mp3s, not totally old time, but dual propose, for myself and for the twins!!
- getting a Nintendo 64 (yupe, the good old console), and playing yet more games
- and finally getting ready to start my pet project...

I'll make sure i'll update more often.
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