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Thursday, March 30, 2006
random thoughts
do you like your job: -_-
what do you like about your job: $$$
what do you hate about your job: no challenge
what can you do to make your job better: eyes wide shut
do you foresee career advancement/growth in your job: -_-
have you talked to your boss on your career advancement/growth: yes
what is her response: be patient -_-
what do you hope to see in your future job: $$$, challenges, career growth
do you foresee you will find another job soon: -_-

do you like the lifestyle: YES
how is it different from singapore: i come home at 6.20pm to cook dinner or go to gym
what do you like most about your lifestyle: time to enjoy the roses
is there any improvement you would like to see in future: status quo
do you plan to live here for a long time: hopefully
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