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Friday, March 24, 2006
i scolded my co-worker
i have been tolerating her since day 1 she joins the bank. she has a nice personality but lacked focus on her work. often, we have to keep explaining the procedures to her as she kept asking the same questions.

this afternoon, i was helping her to fund a loan for her customer. we did not have the payoff address for the financial institution, i was peeved. i have to call the financial institution 3 times to find out the information.

after the transaction, i mentioned to her that she should have asked the customer the payoff address instead of requesting me to call the financial institution.

she replied that i have been working with the customer and i should have done this process. that was it. an argument ensued.

pui soh, the asst supervisor stepped in and told me to calm down and shut up. sure i can shut up as my co-worker was crying. i don't feel bad for her.

i have been bottling up my frustrations for a long time. i do not wish to pick up the pieces for her just because she is new in the job (three months in this position and one year in another position in the same bank).

i acknowledge that people have different learning abilities. some are fast and some are slow. she is a fast learner but she has ADD. she tends to forget information and lack focus on a task. i have mentioned to her to write down information but she did not.

my boss, R keeps reminding me to be patient with her and i am sure i will get another round of coaching session with R on monday.
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