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Monday, January 23, 2006
Relations between a persian kitty and Singapore
So what does a persian kitty has in relations to Singapore?

For one, the infamous web site is inaccessible for a long while in Singapore for adult content.

Doing some searches in MSN, i saw a few interesting ads:
- politics in singapore
- food in singapore
- friends in singapore

All shows a sponsor ad for persian kitty. Wonders what keywords the advertiser is paying for... so a few more searches...

Was the keyword singapore? Nope.

was the keyphrase in singapore? Bingo?!

Just for fun, here's the results for bingo in singapore. Hmm... nothing there though.

Too complicated... but when i searched for my secondary school, a new ad showed up that proclaim it would help me locate my school haha.

Shouldn't be doing this, but though the search results are pretty good, the ads really arent.
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