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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
lord of the links
Since lancerlord is not updating, let me do something similar to him with a link dump:

  • Been playing games for a while, so why not play old console games here

  • X 360, i'm not too excited by it yet, but this screenshot looks amazing. This is even more amazing, especially for the folks that have been to Tokyo, right at that corner!

  • Another game related link.. here's an amazing video of how fast someone completed Mario 64 and another one on Super Mario World.

  • Dont want to think about games, get some tutorials on software to spend your time away

  • Apple's new intel-based laptop looks cool. Might help for the folks doing artwork to carry only one laptop since it's supposed to be able to handle both the OSX and Windows on the same machine.

    Enough for a while.... please come back lord of the links.

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    At 2:43 PM, Blogger lancerlord

    Power! :)