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Sunday, January 22, 2006
i'm tired
it's almost by default that most of the folks working in the company bring their work home. Sometimes it's due to time management issues, sometimes a matter of just overwhelming work within a short period of time.

Work by itself, if it's necessary, doesnt really matter much to me. Who didnt do a eighteen or 24 hour day? No big deal to me, or any of my colleagues. I dont even have to mention the 3am rushing back to office incidents.. oh wait.. i just did.

One of my goals since i came back from Singapore is to make sure i do not do much (or any) work after office hours. Our lives are probably boring enough without having myself to focus on work and leaving Sharon alone with her books.

Spending more time with Sharon is always a good goal to have. However, me being physically tired from increasingly heavier weights in gym workouts and mentally tired from constantly involved in meetings and mail threads that have no purposes other than praying at the altar of processes, I have not meeting that goal.

So, something have to give.

Perhaps a new start.

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