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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I got a gameboy oh boy!

Prior to going to Tianjin, and Singapore, i was wary of the non-service that Northworst would be providing me, and i wanted to make sure i have something that can keep me entertained for 8-12+ hours on four legs, as well as multiple hours stuck in the airports.

After doing a lot of research, i finally decided on a Nintendo gameboy advance, and Sharon was very nice to use her incentives rewards to purchase it for me.

I also got it at the best possible time, as the nearest store just had a free game promotion on the exact weekend i decided to buy it.


And my concerns on the Northworst were 100% correct. The leg from Seattle to Narita had NO TV entertainments, but with addons like the GBA MP card, and flash carts, i was able to watch movies, play games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Gameboys, even Sega and PC Games on the GBASP!

Its boot up screen and desktop were also a delight at the AVAR conference, where even Vesselin had a chuckle or two when he saw the standard Windows XP desktop on the gameboy!

Here's the startup screen.
My GBA Bootup screen

and here's the desktop:
My GBA desktop
Looks familar?

The funniest thing, i think, was that some of my colleagues in Singapore were so nonchalant about the gameboy when they saw the desktop. One even stated; "so where's Office? Can use Outlook on this or not?" haha.
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