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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Unexpected meetings
At the AVAR conference in Tianjin, i was pretty much involved in the directors' meetings and the chit-chats along the hallways.

This was due to my language "skills" in Chinese/English, and helped to facilitate some conversations between the local vendors and the US/Euro visitors.

Someway through the welcoming party, i heard some "Singlish" slang.. and thought that i heard wrongly. It wasn't till later on that i found out there were indeed two Singaporeans there too, though both aren't really based in Singapore anymore.

The duo are from Sophos, an AV vendor, and one's a China manager, while the other's a Virus Analyst based in Sydney. It was fun chatting with them!

Through Yoshihiro, i heard about another Singaporean that has just joined the company through Sybari. Cool!

AVAR in general was fun throughout. A few hilarious moments that i hope to blog about later on. 8)
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